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  1. Nice job! I was wondering if you had to do anything different to experiment on that phage because it had such a long tail protein?

    1. Thank you. I did not have to change any steps of the procedure to accommodate for the rather long tail protein. However, this unique quality does open the door for specific future testing.

  2. Great presentation. I may have missed it, but what was your group’s hypothesis for your research? Was your hypothesis proved or disproved?

    1. Thank you. Good point, I suppose that this research did not exactly include a hypothesis. Our goal was to isolate and archive mycobacteriophages for the purposes of future research. A goal that was successful.

    1. Good question. One limitation that I believe we faced during the research was our limited time in the lab. As a result when experiments did not go exactly to plan which happens a lot in science, we had little bandwidth to catch up again. Luckily by the end we were bale to complete all the experiments on Spatula.

    2. Good question. I would say that the main limitation that we faced while conducting research was the limited amount of time we had while in lab. This meant that when experiments did not go according to plan, that there was little time to catch up. Luckily we were able to complete all the experiments just in time.

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