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  1. Great presentation! What methods are used to alter phages that make them better candidates for phage therapy?

    1. So, while inducing a genetic mutation is overall the most common way of directly affecting phage development, different types of phages will be combined into a sort of “phage cocktail” – it’s harder for the immune system to fight against multiple types of phages and they can even cover each others weak spots in terms of infecting types of bacteria.

    1. Sure! Phages are most useful because of their ability to kill bacteria; they’re always in an “arms race of evolution” against them. Any time normal methods of fighting infection, like antibiotics, don’t work phages are always a possible treatment to keep us humans healthy. Bacteria may become resistant to a certain antibiotic, but the phages can evolve to become continually effective against the bacteria.

    1. Theoretically, any disease or infection that is directly caused by a bacteria, because there should be a phage that can kill that type of bacteria. Once all the bacteria is gone, then the infection / disease should no longer be present as well.

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