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  1. How would you ensure that your phage would remain lytic to be used for phage therapy? Would there be any benefit or drawbacks leaving it as temperate?

    1. Once the repressor is alter it should stay lytic it won’t suddenly switch back unless it was under some crazy environmental pressure. The only problem with temperate is that it can’t be used on its own due to the fact that will either degrade or stop working correctly. It can be used in a phage cocktail though.

    2. Once the repressor is altered it should stay lytic unless it was under some crazy environmental pressure. Temperate phages can’t be used in phage therapy by itself but it can be used in a phage cocktail.

  2. How do you make a temperate phage become a lytic phage? Could it work as a therapy if it remained temperate?

    1. A temperate phages repressor gets degraded and lytic genes are expressed. No, it won’t work if it remained a temperate phage unless it was in phage cocktail.

    1. I know that so far phage therapy has presented as an effective type of therapy. The only downside to this type of therapy is that the phages that are used has to be specific to that bacteria because phages only infect host cells with the same DNA.

    1. A temperate phage is a type of phage such as lytic phage is a type of phage. A temperate phage are capable of going into both the lytic or lysogenic cycle. Temperate phages can immediately lyse a cell or can integrate their genome into the host genome which becomes lysogen.

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