6 thoughts on “P26 – Middleton

  1. There appears to be a large discolored blob below the bands in sample 2 lane. I’m curious if that is perhaps just the result of a bubble or a part of the gel and if you think this had any impact on your results?

    1. So the faint blob in lane 2 is most likely just small pieces of degraded DNA for not all of the DNA we extracted is guaranteed to be fully intact. In this case this would not have any significant impact on our results for our bands were very bright and distinct, which this shows the quality of our DNA. Had we just had smearing, yes this would’ve indicated issues with our DNA’s quality.

  2. On your gel, there seems to be a discoloration underneath of lane 2. Could this be due to sample evaporation or might it just be a discrepancy in the gel?

    1. So the slight discoloration is just a small amount of smudging, indicating not 100% of our DNA is fully intact, for its likely showing a small portion of degradation. However, with the bands we see, this likely isn’t anything significant since it isn’t much smudging. It is possible that there is a slight discrepancy in the gel, but either way the small blot in lane 2 doesn’t hold any concern for affecting the results.

    1. Once we would be able to sequence our phage, we could determine which gene is responsible for the repressor protein and through removing this protein, it would no longer inhibit the lytic lifecycle and once our phage is able to only enter that cycle, it will be able to lyse it’s host bacteria, effectively killing it. Once we are able to make it a lytic phage it could potentially be used in a phage cocktail containing similar phages infecting the same bacteria in a patient harmed by this bad bacteria. By using this phage along with other very similar ones it will make an effective procedure because how individual immune responses may react cant always be predicted so using multiple phages that are found to kill a specific bacteria it makes it a very non invasive procedure in treating patients with things such as antibiotic resistance relates illnesses, tuberculosis, etc.

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