6 thoughts on “P53 – Marsh

  1. Also I want to say you did a great job for having done all this by yourself! You should feel really proud of your research! 🙂

    1. Thank you Alara! I did actually have a lab partner for this, we took turns going into the lab to reduce the amount of people in the building due to the pandemic, however I was nervous recording this and may have forgotten to mention that😅
      As far as experiments I would like to run, I am still hoping to have time this semester to run PCR with the DNA to confirm the cluster of this phage. I will also be taking the second part to this class in the spring of next year, and it would be really cool to be able to look at the sequence of this phage. 🙂

  2. Great presentation(also we have the same name, at least phonetically, so that’s cool!)!
    How many soil samples did you need to collect before you were able to make a quality lysate? It was a struggle for me to get phage-rich dirt last semester 😅

    1. Hey Aeryn! I actually got to watch your presentation as well, you did a great job!
      Because we had to wait a month to start in person lab, TAs actually collected the soil samples for us. Which had some downsides- of course not being able to collect it ourselves, but it sounds like it might have saved us some trouble getting soil samples!

  3. Great Job!
    Do you think that you could of concluded what cluster your phage was in without using PCR and just using PET?

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