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    1. Throughout the procedures we used M. smeg as our main bacteria. What we could do instead, is replace that bacteria with another to see how our results differ, and use that information.

  1. Hi Jess, great job! You mentioned the clearness of your plaques suggested you had a lytic phage, is size of the plaques also affected by the type of phage?

    1. Hi Luis! Actually, the size of the plaque is not affected by the type of phage, rather it’s affected by the efficiency of absorption, length of the latent period, and burst size of the phage.

    1. A lytic phage under goes the specific lytic cycle. This also means that it can be used in phage therapy.

    1. Compared to a plaque thats more cloudy around the rim, a clear plaque indicates a complete lysis, meaning its a lytic phage.

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