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    1. It is not showing my question posted? Trying again.. can you go into more detail about how you identified the size of this phage?

      1. The size of the phage was identified using the electron microscopy analysis and taking measurements in nanometers of the head and tail of phages shown in the images. I averaged out all of the measurements of the head and tail.

  1. What is a quality control gel and how do you make one?

    What does the fact that your phage is lytic mean for future directions/why are they used to treat infections?

    1. A quality control gel is an agarose gel electrophoresis procedure where the gel is loaded with samples of phage DNA. If the sample travels towards the positive end of the gel, then DNA was isolated. Lytic bacteriophages immediately lyse a host bacteria cell. It would be nonsensical to treat an infection in a bacterial infection in a human with a phage that would integrate into the bacterial genome rather than lyse it.

  2. Can you go into more detail about how you determined the size of this phage I didn’t quite get that part?

    1. I don’t believe so. For phage therapy, it is more important to determine if it is lytic or temperate.

    1. You determine the cluster a phage belongs to using PCR amplification to see which cluster primers bind to the sample.

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