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    1. This can be helpful in agriculture as wine grapes for example can be susceptible to disease and through phage we can attack the bacteria causing the disease so wine grapes can fully develop

  1. Thank you for your presentation! Phage therapy sounds like an exciting possible solution to antibiotic resistance! Could you explain in a little more detail what went onto the high titer assay web flooded plate?

    1. Yes! We perform the high titer to find the plaque forming units. We use the lysate which contains the phage and add buffer for the phage to essentially grow. We know when to stop once we reach 20-200 plaques which typically happens after 4 dilutions but in our case we had to do a few more to achieve that number. the dilution works as we take about 10 ul from the plate before and add 90ul of buffer as 1 set of dilutions. We repeat that step until the desired number (20-200) has been achieved.

    1. I think the most interesting finding from outside research was probably tests where farm animals infected with E. coli were given phage therapy treatment and had a super high survival rate

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