8 thoughts on “P31 – Irose

    1. Temperate in this context means that the phage is able to enter the lysogenic life cycle in which the phage is able to integrate its genome into the host bacterial genome.

    1. The lysing of negative bacteria can be useful and utilized in the medical field and in medicine by using phages to essentially “kill” or lyse antibiotic resistant bacteria which would diminish and cure diseases led on by negative antibiotic resistant bacteria.

    1. Our most useful result discovered through our research was the discovery that our phage, RAKI, was of a Siphoviridae nature as this classification of phages exit the host bacterial cell through lysis and could be used in phage therapy as it would effectively lyse the negative bacterial cells within effected patients curing the disease they would be infected by.

    1. As mentioned in a comment above, the lysing of bacteria renders the negative bacterial cell dead and can no longer infect a patient, therefore if used in medicine it could essentially cure patients of antibiotic resistant diseases.

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