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  1. If you were to make a prediction of what cluster your phage is in what would it be? and what factors would you base your prediction on?

    1. We have yet to run any PCR or restriction digests, and because it has none of the head/tail characteristics indicative of certain clusters, we can not really come to any conclusions about the cluster of the phage. For a blind guess I would say Cluster A since our phage fits those characteristics and Cluster A is the largest group of phage.

    1. The plaques would be very clear and their borders wold be very defined since none of the infected bacteria would survive.

    1. Clustering a phage could give us a good idea about the genome of the phage which would tell us even more about its characteristics. Clustering also lets others who may need a phage with our characteristics easily access it.

    1. Restriction digests take the phage’s DNA and uses very specific enzymes to “cut” the DNA in specific places based on certain sequences, and the amount of “cuts” an enzyme makes corresponds to a certain cluster, allowing us to cluster our phage.

  2. I really liked your presentation but the paragraph in the middle column at the top does not have a title and it is kind of confusing about whats its about and where it goes. But all of your images and figure legends are great!

    1. The section you are referring to is a continuation of the background, sorry for the confusion!

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