6 thoughts on “P62 – Zelem

  1. Is there any potential sources of errors you observed in your experiment? Or did everything go as expected?

    1. Yes unfortunately in the restriction digest experiment there was an error which resulted in the absence of the EcoRI enzyme, which you can seen on the digest because there are no cuts present in the 5th lane.

  2. How does your phage compare to other phages students studied in your lab section? Would you want to use any other types of host bacteria to test your phage’s effectiveness?

    1. My phage had a temperate morphology like many of my peers, but most of them did not get far enough in their research to compare further. The bacteria m smegmatis is the best match because we were studying phages that were apart of the mycobacterium species. This species can create a variety of infections such as tuberculosis, and m smegmatis relates most to tuberculosis.

  3. Did you get to name your own phage that was assigned and if so what inspired your phage name “pickles” I love it

    1. Thank you! Yes we did to chose the name of our phage, but there were so many rules and restrictions to what we could name it. So i’m not really sure how we came up with the “pickles” it was just kind of the first thing that came to mind!

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