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    1. The initial PCR cluster analysis was not successful because although we had a band present, the positive and negative controls were contaminated.

  1. What is a A1 cluster, I don’t really understand what that means and why is that important enough to be archived and used my researchers

    1. A phage cluster is a group of similar phage. Our phage is a A cluster phage and its subcluster is A1, which means the phages are even more closely related.

      1. They are important because some phage can infect and kill antibiotic resistant bacteria. It is important for them to be archived to have them readily available to potentially cure a infection caused by an antibiotic resistant bacteria.

  2. Why is this research inconclusive to you and what are the relative results you are comparing yours to to determine success? Thank you!

    1. The research was inconclusive because there was contamination in the positive and negative controls. Unfortunately, we did not have the time to re-do the experiment. Although our results show that Mr.Bigglesworth is a A1 cluster phage, we cannot confirm this do to the controls.

  3. How were you able to use the information known to determine that the tail indicated that the phage was a member of the siphoviridae family? Why does the tail matter to the entire structure?

    1. Siphoviridae phage have the characteristics of a long and thin tail. This is consistent with phage image from electron microscopy result. The tail matters because the tail sheath is what the DNA goes through when it gets inserted into the host bacterium.

  4. Hi Ayla, nice presentation! What information are you hoping to gather by comparing your phage genome to others by a dot plot? Sorry I’m not very familiar with this experiment. Thanks!

    1. By comparing MrBigglesworth with another phage genome, you can detect mutations, insertions, and deletions in the compared genomes. This can be used to spot clear distinctions in the genomes and interpret the relationships between the phage.

    1. Some of the difficulties I ran into were with the restriction digest and the PCR experiments. For the restriction digest experiment, initially all of the DNA in or samples were degraded. For the PCR experiment, the results were inconclusive for our controls and we did not have enough time to complete the experiment.

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