6 thoughts on “P64 – Vitti

  1. You said at 1:43 only one phage can infect the host cell at a time, why is this? How would your results change if two phages entered the cell at the same time, would they compete for the same machinery?

    1. The reason is because two phages cannot insert their genome to a host bacteria’s DNA. It is a competitive process, once one has started to transcribe their genome, it is over for all other phages.

  2. I enjoyed your presentation! You were great at explaining the background of why you did each experiment and linked them together well! I was curious since you were able to assign it to a specific subcluster if phages in this subcluster had any unique characteristics or uses.

    1. The phages in this sub cluster share a host range and have similar genomes. A DNA sequence between all phages in the A cluster, more specifically the A1 cluster share a similar genome map.

  3. Are there any other techniques that could be used to identify your phage other than PCR and EMI?

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