8 thoughts on “P65 – Barron

  1. Good Job Brooks! I was wondering why it is specifically important to isolate novel bacteriophages?

    1. Isolating bacteriophages allows us to look at specific phages genome sequences. These sequences can be run through programs such as phamarator so that they can be compared with other genome clusters. With the current research being done on phages now, we hope to be able to use phages with specific genomes that have helpful proteins inside them. Currently the goal is to come up with phage proteins that can be specified to a certain bacteria so that we can stop using antibiotics.

  2. Nice work Brooks! I am not totally clear on why isolating quality DNA via electrophoresis is important. Is this mostly from a sequencing perspective? So that you can sequence this phage’s genome?

    1. Isolating quality DNA just tells us that we can proceed to use PCRs for the next experiment. All it is really showing us is that the DNA can be grouped into a certain cluster so that we know which PCR overhangs to use to replicate the DNA fragments.

  3. Good job! My question for you is what does the restriction digest of your phage specifically show/mean? How is this important for bacteriophages in general?

    1. The restriction digest allows us to classify what cluster we think our phage is apart of. Knowing the cluster allows us to use already known PCR overhangs to replicate the DNA fragments.

    1. In the plates we ran, there were plaques that had halos around them and were also cloudy. These features distinguish a phage from being lytic which have clear plaques.

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