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    1. It is a type of family of phage regarding its shape. It means that it has a small head and long tail and this effects how it can bind to its bacteria

    1. There are different categories of phases regarding there genomic similarity. These categories are called clusters so my phage is in the K cluster. A sub level of categories is called a sub cluster and it represents phages with even more genetic and physical similarity so our phage is in the K4 subcluster

  1. I understand the reason behind your future directions and I think you’ve done an amazing job because experiments should contain errors based on which we can learn. So this is out of my curiosity – what is the High Titer lysate?

  2. Did the contaminant prevent you from being able to save your isolated phage or was it still able to be added to the database?

    1. Yes, because it was contaminated with another phage, it could not be archived into the scientific databases

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