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    1. The phage was isolated from scraping off plaques from the plaque assay plate and was grown in phage buffer.

    1. It is important to understand clusters because phages each have their own genes meaning they express different proteins. Which influences what bacteria they can infect. Different clusters have different capabilities in what we can use them for depending on its morphology and whether if it’s a lytic or lysogenic phage.

  1. Which phage life cycle would be more beneficial for tracking bacteria in human water samples, as described in your final figure?

  2. Does the shape of the phage have any impact on it’s ability to infect bacteria, or maybe the environment that it can survive in?

    1. From my understanding of the shape of phages, they do influence what family the phage is in which influences how the phage infects bacteria. I am unsure about the environment that it can survive in.

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