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    1. Hi Nicholas, we decided to name our phage Calamari because there is a theme that we noticed between bacteriophages from CU Boulder being names after Italian foods. We wanted to just continue with that theme.

    1. Bacteriophages can serve as an alternative to antibiotics because they have the ability to lyse bacteria while bypassing the problem of possibly creating an antibiotic resistance to the drug being perscribed.

    2. • Bacteriophages serve as an alternative to antibiotics due to their ability to lyse bacteria without the need for antibiotics. This solves a bit of the issue of antibiotic resistance.

  1. LOVE your presentation and you described everything really well.
    What do phages that are in the F1 cluster normally target?

    1. Hi, thank you for all the positive feedback! F1 bacteriophages similar to this one generally target mycobacterium such as M. smeg, which was the bacteria used in the lab.

  2. What are some ways that future studies can use your research and/or this type of research on bacterial phages to make scientific and medical advancements?

  3. • Having a database of phages with information on what type of bacteria this phage can infect is helpful since it gives researches leads and a larger array of data to work with when developing cutting edge technology like phage therapy.

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