8 thoughts on “P74 – Bradley

  1. I’d love to hear more about the the phage was isolated from the soil and what your predictions are on phage diversity between warm and cool areas.

    1. Based on my somewhat limited knowledge I don’t think the diversity of phages will change depending on climate but their rate of growth and survivability will. I predict that a somewhat warmer environment would be good because most mammals that other viruses infect tend to be just below 37 degrees celsius. However we will need to conduct more experiments to be sure.

  2. Did you get to do an EM on your phage? If so what physical characteristics did your phage have?

    1. Unfortunately we did not get to do an EM on our phages. This will hopefully be done in later experiments.

    1. Because getting that plaque to work was a massive pain and required multiple redos so finally getting the results made me proud.

  3. In your future directions you mention that you would like to observe how phages/lysogenic or lytic phages grow in a hot vs cold environment. What “change” in science would this discovery lead to? How would it affect the way we research or use phages?

    1. If phages are utilized for medical treatment then knowing what environment they reproduce the best in could help us with producing phages for treatment at a faster rate. Along with that we could also produce phages faster for science experiments.

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