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    1. Lytic phage’s produce clear plaques since they are only entering into the lytic life cycle which only results in the phage lysing the bacteria cell.

  1. Nice job! I took Phage lab last semester and I had large lytic phages which is quite opposite to you. My question is did it make it more difficult to study and perform tests when the phage you were studying was considerably small and temperate?

    1. Thank you! The tests did seem a bit more difficult because of the plaque size since it was a little harder to scrap off of the plate.

  2. Is isolating one type of phage (lytic or temperate) better for creating potential phage therapies?

    1. Lytic phages are preferred for creating potential phage therapies since they will always kill the bacteria cell after infection.

    1. The hardest part about performing the experiment was dealing with contamination of plates that was concluded to come from our phage buffer.

  3. Did you face any hardships when completing this research such as contamination in your plates?

    1. We did have contamination with our streak for purification (this occurred multiple times) which was concluded to be caused by out phage buffer.

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