5 thoughts on “P43 – Scholl

  1. What is the significance of your phage belonging to the B1 group? Great presentation by the way!

    1. Phage clusters are great at organizing phages into groups based on common similarities such as similar genomes and host ranges. So in that way we can predict that our B1 phage will behave similar to other B1 phages. Our phage is also actually a bit unique because of it’s very short tail, most B1 phage have a longer tail, so there can be a degree of variation among sub-clusters.

  2. Based on the properties of the phage do you think there will be a future for it with medical treatments?

    1. I believe that any phage has the ability to be used in phage therapy. Because there are so many variations of bacterial infections it is really helpful to have a large database of phages that can infect different types of bacteria. Our phage would need to be sequenced first before it would be considered in any medical treatments, but because it is already a lytic phage and because we are confident about it being a B1 sub cluster I believe it absolutely has the potential to be used in phage therapy.

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