8 thoughts on “P77 – Cavanaugh

  1. How did you confirm that you had only isolated one species of phage? Great presentation!

    1. We conducted an experiment called plaque streak for purification in which we plated phages from one plaque from our plaque assay.

  2. Why is it important to know that temperature phages have halos around their edges? Does it differentiate them from other phages?

    1. Yes, it differentiates them from lytic phages. Temperate phages have halos, which is just the physical difference from the clear edges of lytic phages.

  3. Great Presentation!! Did you use the size of the capsid and tail to determine the cluster of the phage, or did you use something else?

    1. Yes, because we weren’t quite able to distinguish the genome of our phage yet, we strictly made assumptions on physical characteristics such as the size of the capsid and tail.

  4. Are there any known B cluster phages being used for phage therapy? Do you think that your phage could be used for phage therapy?

    1. From what I know from previous research, atleast in the US, phage therapy has not been passed for human testing, so currently, no. In order to know if our phage can be used, we would have to sequence the genome, and do further evaluation and research.

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