10 thoughts on “P77 – Kramer

    1. Yes absolutely, we could only hypothesize based off its morphology but to confirm this we would need to do further experimentation such as restriction digests.

  1. Was there any previously known information, such as results from previous testing and experiments, of the phage that you chose?

    1. o A: Unfortunately I can’t answer that because we haven’t identified exactly what subcluster this phage belongs to; but, if we were to do further research and identify this phage I’m sure there’d be existing information or at least information from related phage that could apply to this phage.

    1. Well, depending on the tail length, its tail can be contractible, with shorter tails being contractible. This would change the mechanisms the phage uses to insert its DNA into a host cell. The capsid size would change how much genetic material the phage could hold; larger capsids having more, smaller having less.

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