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  1. You found the phage to be an A or an N, did you feel it fit more into one certain category based on opinion?

    1. Since making this poster, we were able to run a PCR to further narrow down the cluster, and confirmed that Taz is in the N cluster.

    1. Restriction Digest enzymes look for a designated short DNA sequence, and cut it into a fragment at these sequences. This creates a pattern of cuts based on the sequence, which we observe to get a hint at what the genome contains, and compare it to other phage genomes sequences.

    1. Hello Nadine! Finding out more about Taz week by week was absolutely thrilling, and I also loved working with my fellow students in lab.

  2. Is a siphoviride only characterized by the shape of the phage or can it imply something about the function?

    1. The characterization of siphoviridae is based solely on the head to tail size ratio, however this classification can give us insight on how the phage moves and infects.

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