6 thoughts on “P8- Stirbis

  1. If your phage was not temperate, what would this change about your results? If you got to the point where you were ready to engineer Taz to undergo the lytic life cycle, what would be your first step?

    1. If Taz was a lytic phage, this would change just about everything in our research. The lifecycle of a phage determines a large amount of how they function and interact with their surroundings. The first step to making Taz lytic would be putting it in an unfavorable environment.

    1. We did a procedure called restriction digest analysis and used the number of cuts made in Taz’s DNA by various enzymes to guess what cluster it belongs to.

  2. How exactly will you tamper Taz into undergoing a lytic life style, how would this change your results/ conclusion?

    1. We will induce the lytic lifecycle in Taz by putting it in an unfavorable environment and thus “forcing” the lysis of the host cells.

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