6 thoughts on “P50 – Porcaro

    1. Hi great question! Bacteriophage clusters can tell us a lot about different genotypic qualities of various phage such as host range and what kinds of strains of bacteria a phage targets which is important when looking for new possible phage cocktails for phage therapy. Hope that helps 🙂

    1. Good question! They are a great alternative to antibiotics because they perform the same result of killing of dangerous bacterial pathogens and at the same time leaving all the healthy bacteria in the body intact.

  1. Great poster and presentation! Why do you suspect that the bottom bands on your gel are a bit smeared?

    1. Thanks so much!! And after speaking to the professors about that we have no real answer as to why but it might be due to a slight bit of contamination or some un-annealed primers causing those smeared bands.

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