6 thoughts on “P51 – Johnson

  1. Great presentation! What was the most successful method you used to obtain your results?

    1. I would say that my most successful method I used to obtain my results was the the restriction digest portion of the experiments because that was the result that let us know which cluster our bacteriophage was in. This helped immensely in characterizing our phage.

  2. Do you believe your phages would be as effective as antibiotics in treating bacteria infection?

    1. There are still many tests that need to be done to determine the effectiveness of bacteriophages in bacterial infections, and it will depend on which types of infections, but I believe our phage has the potential of being much more effective than antibiotics because it will be able to treat those bacteria that have become antibiotic resistant.

    1. The fact that our phage was siphoviridae tells us a lot about what the individual phages look like. It shows that they have long, thin, flexible tails and non enveloped heads.

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