8 thoughts on “P54 – Godfrey

  1. Could there potentially be medical applications of your phage research or similar phage research?

  2. What, if any, are the medical, industrial or societal applications to your findings regarding MaxGus? If none of the above, how could these findings benefit other bacteriophage researchers?

    1. MaxGus would require further research to determine its value to society, but due to its lytic nature there is little consideration to use as an alternative to antibiotics. This benefits other researches because it provides a larger view of the behavior of phages in a lab.

  3. Why is the strength of the phage important? Are the strong phages more effective than the weak phages?

    1. the strength is important in the consideration of the phages ability to be used and studied successfully. A phage that can barely survive in a lab environment would not make a very good phage to research for medicine.

  4. What does the tail length of the phage indicate? mentioned that some had a head without a tail or a tail without a head and not sure what that means for your experiment

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