4 thoughts on “S5 – McMahon-Carter

  1. Hi Paul,
    I enjoyed learning about biosynthesis and your compound Taxol. One question I have for you is what is the purpose of plant alkaloid chemotherapy and why use a soybean to synthesize Taxol?

  2. Hi Paul,
    Very nice presentation. I would like to know more about the GoldenGate and how these new restriction enzymes are delivering the DNA. What specific processes or challenges did you encounter with this new technique?

  3. Hey Paul,
    I like your presentation. I am curious what the TDS and MBP lanes represent in the gel for the results.

  4. Hello Paul, you were great at explaining the methods and what you do in the lab, good job! You mentioned that the synthetic taxodine is inserted into the cell’s cytoplasm. Would it possibly be more beneficial to put it directly into the chloroplasts or a different organelle, is inserting it into the cytoplasm the best method, or would it not matter?

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