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  1. Hi Nickles, I just want to know why you specifically chose soybeans instead of another organism or plants? What makes soybeans special?

    1. Hi Genesis, Good question. We chose soy beans as they have been well studied and are relatively easy to genetically modify. Scalability is another key reason for choosing soy.

  2. Hi Nickles, I just want to know why you chose soy beans instead of another plant or organism?

  3. This science is currently beyond me, so forgive the obvious elementary level of my question/comment. I have noted that squalene is often used in cosmetics (particularly paired with vitamin A derivatives) as it replicates oils within human skin. Do you believe that your research will have the same interaction when placed in further trials?

    1. Hi Rebecca,

      Good question, the goal of this research is to development a system to synthesize squalene ethically, cheaply, and on a large scale. Once synthesized in soy beans it can be used in cosmetics in the same way shark derived squalene is currently used.

  4. Awesome, fascinating work (this is my second/third time posting this question due to website error). Commonly squalene is paired in cosmetics with vitamin A deritatives. The addition of squalene mimics the oils in human skin and acts as a barrier against the harshness of vitamin A. Do you foresee your compound displaying the same characteristics?

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