Check out the videos of the amazing presenters from the Fall 2016 CURE Symposium:

**Special thanks to Christy Fillman and Jess Colmenero for capturing these videos**

Welcome by Pamela Harvey and Matthew Bertelson & Chad Brokaw presenting “Phage Minime, a new Mycobacteriophage, suspected to be in Cluster C1”

Rachel Anderson presenting “Structure-based prediction of novel antibiotic targets”

Kimberly Lugo, Jessica Miller, & Phil Rubin presenting “Mutated oral groove may enhance phagocytic rate in NP1 Tetrahymena”

Julia Mo presenting “CRISPR+CAS9 mutagenesis of tumor protein p63 regulated 1-like”

Stuart Sommers presenting “HSD3B7 shown to potentially mediate cholesterol homeostasis in the Burmese python”