Last updated: December 17, 2020

Who:         Students enrolled in research-based courses in Molecular, Cellular, and                                      Developmental Biology in Fall 2020
When:       Wednesday, December 2, 6-9 pm


6 pm – 7 pm                 Research Poster Session

Phage Genomics – All “P” Posters Link

Discovery Lab – All “D” Posters Link

Cell Biology Lab – All “C” Posters Link

7 pm – 8 pm                 Student Oral Presentations & Guest Speaker

Characterizing and classifying Mycobacteriophages, Harriet Lee, Phage Genomics Lab

Addressing the issue of antibiotic resistance through novel compound screening, Aidan Clifton, Drug Discovery Lab

Expression of gene 00439330 increases in response to DNA damage in Tetrahymena thermophila, Sharon Battula, Cell Biology Lab

Guest Speaker – Deepa Deshpande, PhD, RAC, Universal Regulatory

8 pm                             Research Awards Ceremony

9 pm                             Poster Comment Boxes Close 

Students presenting at the Fall 2020 CURE Symposium should review Information for Students.


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