Last updated: April 28, 2021

Who:         Students enrolled in research-based courses in Molecular, Cellular, and                                      Developmental Biology in Spring 2021
When:       Wednesday, April 21, 6-9 pm


6 pm – 7 pm                 Research Poster Session

Phage Genomics I – All “P” Posters

Phage Genomics II – All “G” Posters

Discovery Lab – All “D” Posters

Cell Biology Lab – All “C” Posters

Synthetic Biology Research – All “S” Posters

7 pm – 8 pm                 Student Oral Presentations Zoom link – Registration is required; please register early

Isolation and Characterization of Novel Mycobacteriophages – Dominique Garr & Benjamin O’Meara, Phage Genomics I

Investigating Minor Tail Proteins and Tail Assembly Chaperones in L cluster Mycobacteriophage Enceladus – Lyda Arnold & Eitan Kochavi, Phage Genomics II

Drosophila melanogaster as a model for identifying potential chemotherapeutics – Shelby Spindler, Discovery Lab II

The downregulation of Fatty acid 2-hydroxylase after DNA damage in Tetrahymena thermophila – Shaynie Segal, Cell Biology Lab

Christmas Beans:” Transgenic soybeans that produce pinene – Natalie Golovanov, Lea Hibbard, & Maya Nelson, Synthetic Biology Research

8 pm                             Research Awards Ceremony

And the awards go to…

Phage Genomics I – Emma CarillionThe Isolation and Characterization of Temperate A3 Cluster Mycobacteriophage Hazza

Phage Genomics II – Aidan Rampy & Eric Westbrook – Mycobacteriophage Enceladus-Possible Implications of Lateral Gene Transfer to Genome Length and Laterally Acquired Genes

Discovery Lab II – Erin Cannon – The effects of allicin on Drosophila melanogaster survival

Cell Biology Lab – Sydney KowalchukDecreased UbiconE2 gene expression in Tetrahymena thermophilia after DNA damage

Synthetic Biology Research – Maria Sacconi, Lili Thron, Gia TranBioproduction of alpha humulene in E. coli via transgenic modification

9 pm                             Poster Comment Boxes Close

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