The first Course-based Undergraduate (CURE) Research Symposium featured the research of 273 undergraduates in the Department of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology (MCDB) at University of Colorado Boulder.  Five students represented each of the five participating research courses: Matthew Bertelson & Chad Brokaw (Phage Minime, a new Mycobacteriophage, suspected to be in Cluster C1, Phage Genomics), Rachel Anderson (Structure-based prediction of novel antibiotic targets, Discovery Lab), Kimberly Lugo, Jessica Miller, & Phil Rubin (Mutated oral groove may enhance phagocytic rate in NP1 Tetrahymena), Julia Mo (CRISPR+CAS9 mutagenesis of tumor protein p63 regulated 1-like, CRISPR Mutagenesis in Xenopus), and Stuart Sommers (HSD3B7 shown to potentially mediate cholesterol homeostasis in the Burmese python, The Python Project).  View the presentations here.

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118 research posters were presented in two sessions.  Students shared their research with the public and were evaluated by students engaging in other research courses.  The research spanned the field of molecular biology and included the isolation and characterization of novel mycobacteriophage, screens of compound libraries to identify novel antibiotics, examination of responses of Tetrahymena to various environmental conditions, mutagenesis of the genome of Xenopus,  and measurement of gene expression in the livers of Burmese pythons.


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Fall 2016 CURE Symposium Abstract Book