Last updated: December 30, 1:33 PM

CURE Symposium News!

The winners of the Fall 2022 CURE Symposium Poster Presentation Award are:

Liana Kerr-Layton from the Discovery Lab

Adriana Espinoza from the Cell Biology Lab

Judie Williams from the Synthetic Biology

View the posters from the Fall 2022 CURE Symposium!

Phage Genomics I – All “P” Posters

Discovery Lab – All “D” Posters

Cell Biology Lab – All “C” Posters

Synthetic Biology Research – All “S” Posters (unlinked at the presenters’ request)

Oral Presentation Videos:

Characterization and importance of bacteriophage presented by Sahithi Govardhanam from the Phage Genomics course

Screening for antimicrobial compounds in Salmonella Typhimurium presented by Finneas Gordon and Bella Martinez from the Discovery Lab course

wd40 gene expression in the presence of DNA damage presented by Alexi Lemercier, Chase Walker, and Justin Hein from the Cell Biology Lab course