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  1. Great presentation! It’s really cool how you ended up with such a significant finding! I was wondering, as someone outside of this class, what exactly is primer design?

    1. Hi Stephanie! A primer design is when you observe your DNA sequence to find the best primers that will anneal to that specific gene. So I had to isolate my gene to observe its expression levels and therefore needed to make primers that would do this.

  2. Have you done research on what the next steps would be to learn more about this specific gene’s role in the DNA damage pathway?

    1. Hey Grace! I am actually unsure of the exact steps that would be next to determine what specific role this plays in DNA damage response, however, I would assume to look at the protein products and analyze how those could play a role in a response pathway.

    1. In this research, I only analyzed if it plays a role in a pathway, not specifically what it does in the pathway. That would require more research studies. However, I did conclude that based on the increase in expression it is likely that it plays some sort of role.

  3. When using this gene’s pathway in cancer research, how can this knowledge cure a type of cancer,? Or is the gene more generally used to help understand the genomic structure of cancer’s DNA?

    1. This gene isn’t known to directly play a role in cancer research and possibly has no role in cancer treatment but by understanding this gene’s role in a damage response pathway can help us understand DNA damage repair as a whole. In turn, we can use this knowledge to apply it to cancer research and help prevent the damage of a repair pathway.

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