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    1. Good question. We used online sources like Blast and had a whole list of parameters that we were aiming for (Melting point, GC content etc.)

    1. In terms of if it affected how I continued, there really was no significance to it. The primers were still validated However, it is an interesting and unusual result that I had on the back of my mind.

  1. What sorts of research do you think could be done to determine with greater certainty whether this gene is a part of the DNA damage response pathway?

  2. As for further research, do you plan on further exploring the gene you worked with in other areas, or continuing with DNA repair and other genes that might do this?

  3. Hi Kate, well done presentation! Would you plan to continue research involving the Hypr2c gene’s other potential functions, or rather what other genes may play a role in DNA damage repair?

  4. When you examined it with excel, what were you looking for? If it didn’t show up on the gel electrophoresis, would quantifying it in other ways show any new information?

    1. We had used an imager that looked at if there was any brightness in the columns s and then those were analyzed in excel. We were looking to see if they were in fact black or if there was some hint of a bar there.

  5. You mentioned you are still unsure what this gene does- do you have any ideas for what it could possibly do or be used for?

  6. Do you know what would happen what the results would look like if they were not in the DNA damage response?

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