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    1. A future experiment would use the same Rrm2 DNA, but likely a tag of some sort with binding proteins to highlight where in human cells the homolog gene lies, from which we can determine gene expression under different circumstances.

    1. I think that most of our experimental errors came from bad reagents, future experiments would use fresh cDNA and gDNA to remove any chance for experimental error.

    1. Being a homolog gene, it is easy to identify Rrm2 in other cancer research, however testing of the gene itself has been difficult due to how human cells work in lab. Tetrahymena thermophila however, is a organism that contains this homolog, and can be used for faster and safe testing for involvement in DNA repair.

  1. Why would increased Rrm2 expression in humans be linked to BIGGER tumors if it is responsible for DNA repair?

    1. Cancer and tumors are results of non regulated gene expression, namely cells reproduce way too frequently. Being a DNA repair gene, if cells are repaired at uncontrollable rates they won’t die and become larger tumors.

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