8 thoughts on “C21 – Calbert

    1. Nicole,
      I would 100% recommend this lab, it gave me lots of useful knowledge for lab research such as setting up gels and PCR and was very fun!

    1. Emily,
      Some long term application of identifying such a gene is to fight against DNA damaging diseases as adressed in the presentation such as some neurodegenerative diseases, cancer as well as aging!

  1. Since Cory was determined to be unlikely to help with DNA strand breakage, did you find any evidence of what it may be useful for?

    1. Lily,
      It had no homologs to compare usefulness to so doing that would be tough but we hope with more research and information that is resulting due to research on this topic we can figure that out soon!

  2. What limitations are present in your methods that would make you believe the results of your QRT-PCR could have been an error?

    1. No limitations truly came up, however after analyzing some of our graphs in comparison to ideal looking data we saw some striking differences in results as to what we are supposed to receive compared to the results we got personally.

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