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    1. Ideally we would use primers with a different DNA sequence that anneal to a different part of the gene. We would hope that this would help the primers better attach to our gene.

  1. why would you chose to redo your reverse transcriptase experiment instead of a different experiment with relevance to your project?

    1. The biggest reason is because we believe there are errors in our reverse transcriptase PCR. Other people who have studied this gene saw an increase in gene expression. Our gel was a bit of an anomaly. As a result, we would need to redo our RT-PCR in order to account for potential errors. What we might change is the primers that we use because it is possible that our primers were insufficient for this experiment.

  2. What is the importance of your research, and how can its significance be used in the scientific community?

    1. All cells do DNA damage repair. Tetrahymena thermophila also mirrors the processes in a lot of human cells. Essentially, if our gene was involved in DNA damage repair, then we could try to use that gene to repair damage in human cells.

    1. Yes! Certain primers are better at annealing to our specific gene than others. When deciding on primers there is a certain list of criteria and each primer is evaluated against that list.

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