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    1. For the initial primer validation gel, the gDNA was degraded, preventing any bands from forming in the gDNA lanes. The PCR mixture prepared for the gene-specific cDNA sample evaporated during amplification as well! Because of this, we couldn’t get any data on our designed primer. 🙁 However, we ended up being able to test it in a later experiment along with the validated primer and the primer didn’t anneal, so it’s a bit of a moot point anyways. Thanks for the question!

    1. BLAST (Basic Local Alignment Search Tool) is a very large database in which information nucleotide & protein sequences can be searched and analyzed. The NCBI Conserved Domain database is a similar tool for analyzing conserved sequences in specific genes. In our case, we used these tools to find and analyze existing information on Rrm2. Thanks for the question!

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