4 thoughts on “C32 – Simmons

  1. Great job overall! How did you decide that the Rpp0 cDNA didn’t affect the hycop primers that you used?

    1. Thank you! If Rpp0 were to have contaminated the Hycop primers, we would have seen this contamination in our lanes with Hycop primers in it. The contamination of the positive control, thus does not affect our experiment with Hycop.

  2. If you had more time to continue your research, what would your next steps be to continue your research?

    1. If I could continue this research, I would retry the RT-PCR experiment since I could not be completely confident in my results seen in the presentation. This is because one of our controls, Rpp0, appeared to have varied expression with and without DNA damage even though it was expected to have equal expression in both.

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