8 thoughts on “C4 – Arthur

  1. Do you have any theories about what other genes WD40 may act in tandem with to repair dna damage?

    1. No theories right now but we could run a gene knockout to fully confirm or deny its presence in the pathway because it could be there but just not contributing.

  2. What was the reason for the selection of the Wd40 gene in trying to fing the gene impact on DNA damage repair? What is the purpose of comparing it to the positive and negative control?

    1. Wd40’s gene expression profile was probably similar to T. therm so it was identified as a gene of interest because T. therm is the model organism for their DNA damage repair pathways. Positive and negative controls allow for confirmation on whether the experiment was a hit or not.

    1. Not exactly sure for this, it could just not be involved in this pathway and more testing would be needed to determine that answer.

    1. T. therm has the advantage of having the necessary resources and machinery to control it’s replication, and cuts up its genome every time it reproduces so there is a lot of DNA to work with.

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