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  1. Good Afternoon. Your presentation was very well done and I am interested to see what happens in the future regarding your gene. You mentioned potential uses of your gene in cancer research during your presentation, but did not really further elaborate on that. What possible cancer related experiments might you conduct with your gene?

    1. Hi Alex! Overall, discovering genes that play a role in DDR enhances cancer disease management. I am not specifically sure what cancer related experiments I could do, but the first step before treating cancer with my gene is to determine the functionality of my gene, and to do this I would conduct a gene knockout experiment to see its affect on function or a protein localization experiment to see where my protein localizes.

  2. How would you go about future analysis of Socax in its role in DDR? Are there any other techniques that could be used?

    1. Hi Erin! To further determine my gene’s functionality in DDR, I would conduct a gene knockout experiment in order to see how important it actually is in the repair pathway or if it has any specific affects. I could also perform a protein localization experiment to see if my gene is located in the plasma membrane where it is expected to be since it is a Sodium Calcium Exchanger protein.

  3. Great presentation! I was just curious, how would knockout experimentation work to help you determine the function of Socax in DDR?

    1. Hi Nick! In a knockout experiment, I would literally “knockout” my gene by using CRISPR-Cas9 to cut the gene and see how the repair pathway is affected. This would help me determine its importance by cutting it out of the genome.

  4. Great presentation! I was wondering, what would be the significance of determining the function of Socax in DDR with the gene knockout experiment? Are some functions better than others?

    1. Hi Caitlynne! Great question. Since many cancers are rooted around mutations in the genome, the efficiency of the repair pathway determines disease prevention and management. So, by further discovering genes that may play a role in the repair pathway, we can better target these mutations by enhancing or suppressing these uncovered genes.

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