6 thoughts on “C77 – Naik

  1. If you had additional time, how would you remake your primers in hopes that it would properly anneal?

    1. We would look at several other criteria! In making our primers, we used Primer3 Plus to design our primers and each group mate picked one “ideal criteria set” to evaluate and then we picked from those options. However, there were other criteria we could have evaluated that would potentially yield better primer design options that did not include secondary structures.

  2. Hey Naik this was a great poster and presentation. When you say the gene is not expressed under normal conditions. What are the other condition in which the gene might be expressed?

    1. There’s honestly a huge variety of conditions that this gene could be tested under: high/low pH, high/low stress, basicity, etc.

  3. Loved your poster and presentation! Why do you think your EMS primers didn’t anneal properly?

    1. To be honest in designing and picking our specific primers, we didn’t have a ton of promising results from the Primer3Plus site on primers that were unlikely to form secondary structures. It is possible that our primers self-annealed :/

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