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    1. Hi Page, we found that the predicted structure of the Tetco61 protein is very similar to the protein structure of EzrA which is interesting to us since there are no homologs or conserved domains identified for tetco61. To answer your question, we would not be looking at EzrA during cytokinesis, but because of the predicted structural similarity of Tetco61 with EzrA, we would try and purify the Tetco61 protein, confirm this predicted structural similarity, and then analyze tetco61 gene expression during cell division in an effort to identify a specific function of tetco61 during the cell-cycle process and mitosis. This information also ties back to DNA damage response processes, as DNA damage repair and maintaining the integrity of DNA is crucial during cell division. Hope this answers your question.

  1. If Tetco61 is involved in the DNA repair pathway, why do you suspect that it peaks at two points during T. Thermophila growth instead of as a single large peak during late starvation?

    1. I am not completely sure why Tetco61 expression peaks twice after conjugation instead of just once, however, the Tetco61 expression profile shares significant similarity with genes known to play a role in DNA damage repair, such as Rad51. In addition, it makes sense that genes involved in DDR up-regulate after the start of conjugation because they are responding to DNA damage, instead of up-regulating during late starvation, which is prior to conjugation. I hope I at least partly answered your question.

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