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    1. We used a very specific criteria that included things like size of our primers and the probability of our primers forming a dimer and annealing to itself.

    1. different things like radiation or genotoxic agents can all cause dna damage, if we don’t fix this damage we see different diseases like cancer or alzheimer’s disease.

  1. Do you know why Tetrahymena thermophila regularly induces double stranded breaks on its own genome?

    1. T. Thermophila induces double stranded breaks when going through conjugation (replication
      ) in order to be able to replicate.

  2. Really great presentation!! How does the thickness of a band and the brightness of it help you navigate through your future directions?

    1. The thickness/brightness of the band just help us know whether or not the expression of our gene actually increased when we induced damage. The fact that the brightness didn’t change we can conclude that it isn’t expressed and possibly isn’t involved in dna damage repair. Our future directions kind of step away from dna repair and look at more of our genes specific function.

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