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  1. Are there any experiments that you would like to see after using the purified resveratrol? What is the logical next step for this research?

    1. Hi Elijah, after using clear, Lab-grade Resveratrol – which we would confidently expect to yield much stronger antimicrobial effects than we saw with our 1:50 dilution Resveratrol in the Agar Plates – for an experiment, I think that the next logical step would be to perform In vivo testing. The nice thing about Resveratrol is that due to the fact that it is commonly sold and taken by a large number of people as an Herbal supplement (which is how our Resveratrol was sourced in the first place), it seems to be very well tolerated by humans, and this could be a very good sign with regards to the safe and ethical treatment of animals with higher doses to see how it combats more intense infections than those imposed by Salmonella Typhimurium

  2. If you were to redo this experiment, what other compound would you chose to test for antimicrobial properties and why?

    1. Hey Nova, If I were to redo this experiment, I think it would be really cool to use a medieval salve called “Bald Eyesalve”, which my lab partners and I were researching before we settled on Resveratrol. Bands Eyesalve contains garlic, onion, wine (and therefore Resveratrol to some extent!), and cow bile – and has shown really promising and interesting results in some studies we observed. Overall, I just think it would be cool to see the validity of an ancient formula in the modern age.

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