4 thoughts on “D103 – Huynh

  1. What do you think we should do in order to shift focus on research of antibiotic resistance if it will be such a big issue by 2050?

    1. The lack of awareness is due to the lack of funding from pharmaceutical companies due to antibiotics being a temporary drug because it completely cures the disease. This does not provide constant cash flow from constant treatment such as insulin or chemotherapy. The best way currently is to provide awareness to the public and educate them on this issue. Personally, I would create a superbug that would infect everybody to show the dangers of antibiotic resistance, but I would be jailed for that.

  2. Are there any considerations to keep in mind when using Salmonella typhimurium instead of Salmonella typhi when it comes to Resveratrol? In other words, since the two bacteria are different, is it possible that the results seen for S. typhimurium could be significantly different for S. typhi?

    1. Thanks for replying! The only difference between typhi and typhimurium is that typhi has an extra capsule around its body. I doubt that there would be a significant difference in result as our compound is known to cause oxidative damage and prevent cell growth and division which doesn’t actively target the cell walls, rather the DNA or the enzymes within the bacteria. The only way to 100% find out is to test typhi, which I cannot do because it is too dangerous and I don’t have the clearance to handle it.

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