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    1. I would not, I think all Lactoferrin’s would have the same affects. Maybe some Lactoferrin’s with higher concentration would have better antimicrobial effects.

  1. I thought it was interesting you used DI water instead of DMSO as the negative control and wonder if that choice would make it more sismilar to a biological system?

    1. I am not exactly sure, but I do know the human body consists a high percentage of water. Which may mean that that the DI water would make it more similar to a biological system.

  2. Good presentation. What was the reason for why the bacteriostatic/bactericidal experiment was inconclusive? Was it inconsistent data, you didn’t have enough time, or something else? Also, would you use Lactoferrin from other mammals before your in vivo testing or would that be after your in-vivo testing?

    1. Our bacteriostatic/bactericidal experiment was inconclusive because our Lactoferrin didn’t completely kill the Salmonella. We would most likely use Lactoferrin from other mammals before our in-vivo testing just so that we can be more knowledgeable in Lactoferrin before moving on to animals.

  3. If you redid your bacterial sideline bacterial static test what are the key results you would be hoping to find out? If the test was successful what else could you do to further your research?

    1. We would be hoping to find out whether or not our Lactoferrin kills the Salmonella or if it inhibits growth. This test can not really be successful it will just tell us how it combats the Salmonella.

  4. If you were going to redo your bacterial sideline bacterial static test like you mentioned what would you be hoping to find? If this test was successful what would you have done next in your research?

  5. Lactoferrin has negative side effects such as diarrhea, skin rash, fatigue, chills, and constipation. This positive outcome of lactoferrin outweighs the negative side effects, but how would you counteract these negative impacts? Can lactoferrin be taken in conjunction with other medication to treat diarrhea or a skin rash, or would it interfere with this medication? My apologies if this expend beyond your scope of research, but I was interested how a patient would react to taking this as a medication in the future.

  6. Yes, this question is a little bit outside of our research, but in the future of studying Lactoferrin we can look more into the negative side effects of Lactoferrin and how it interacts with other medications.

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