8 thoughts on “D10b – Henderson

  1. What was your reason for choosing pentetic acid? What aspects of it indicated to you that it would potentially be a good antibiotic prior to doing this experiment?

    1. We chose pentetic acid because of previous hits identified from the previous years labs. Upon looking into it further we found many studies about the effect on gram negative bacteria of pentetic acid and success in these trials. Since it is also already used for metal poisoning and is approved for use in the body we also thought it would be a potentially safer compound than others.

    1. Elastase is important because it determines virulence factor of the bacteria. It is an enzyme which breaks down elastin that adds to the effectivity in being able to get into the host by damaging host tissues. By inhibiting the production of this, then the bacteria in theory would have a harder time getting into the cells.

    1. We chose this dosing series because we started with a stock concentration of 40%. We did a 1:2 dose series, but we did not dilute the solution enough. We chose a 1:5 and a 1:10 series because we wanted to achieve a low enough dose to induce intermediate growth. Ideally if we had more time we would have done a 1:2 starting at a lower concentration to find the lowest dose that still produced no growth.

  2. Does the dosing series have some type of significance and if you were to change anything about your experiment to get different results or further results, what would you do?

    1. The dosing series was done in order to find the lowest dose possible to find no growth still. We started with a 1:2 dosing series, but the absorbances were consistently too low so we ended up doing more with 1:5 and 1:10 so we could find a low enough dose to start raising the absorbance rate. I really wish that we would’ve had more lab time in order to find a lower concentration and be able to do a 1:2 dilution for more precise results. I think if we had found a consistent dosage that inhibited bacterial growth but was less spaced out than a 1:5 dilution that would be ideal.

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